"Elizabeth design, 3 level loop and cut rug in charcoal. This is made from Himalayn sheep's wool and is hand knotted at 100 knots/square inch.

“Surya” means sun in Sanskrit. This two-color design starts as a spherical concentration of one color that radiates outward and transforms, Escher-like into the other color.

The Summit design is inspired by the bold geometry characteristic of Bauhaus design and uses only the natural colors of the Himalayan sheep.

The simple palette and geometric shapes of this design are inspired by the Bauhaus.

Sara came to rug design through a love of the Bauhaus textiles and the Bauhaus is what inspired this first design. This rug is available in the colors shown here as well as in a natural (undyed) wool palette of dark browns and grays.

Ullman Textiles marries modern carpet designs with traditional Tibetan fabrication. Our rugs are handmade in Nepal by highly skilled weavers using the finest materials. We create art that wants to be walked on in bare feet.