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My rugs blend modern design with traditional fabrication. They are handmade in Nepal by highly skilled weavers using time-honored Tibetan techniques and materials. I'm striving to create sensuous, luxurious pieces that showcase the interplay between color, pattern and texture, but are ultimately utilitarian, part of your everyday life. Art that wants to be walked on in bare feet.

I draw inspiration for my designs from a range of influences, including Bauhaus textiles, halftone prints, photography, modernist and pop art, and other media. I also apply some of the design principles from my work as a Web designer — both Web and rug design involve working on a grid, one using pixels as the basic design unit, the other individual knots of wool.

All of my rugs are made from 100% Himalayan sheep wool, which produces the longest, silkiest fibers available. The wool contains high levels of lanolin, providing natural protection from water, dirt and stains. Before the rugs are fabricated, the wool is hand-dyed, using color-fast, dyes from Switzerland. I also feature a line of un-dyed rugs, which reveal the natural, lustrous range of colors found in high Himalayan wool.

My rugs are all available in custom shapes, sizes, and colors. I also do custom design and would be happy to work with you to design a rug to enhance your specific interior space.

- Sara Ullman